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 gm application

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PostSubject: gm application   gm application Icon_minitime1Sun Nov 22, 2009 9:02 pm

1:: What's you IRL name?

Jacob Yow irl was in real life right ????

2:: How old are you?


3:: What's your in-game main character name?


4:: Why would you like to be GM?

I really enjoy the game played played on wow fe a few years back just got back around to playing ..[/list].. Sounds l[/list]ike a challenge / Something new :p

5:: Do you have any GM experience?

No but played a lot of lan parties at the house mostly doom and quake

6:: If question 5 is yes, how what server, how long and why did you get kicked/left from the staff.

7:: Why should we select you to become a part of our staff?

I'm a nerd at heart ..... hard question to answer ..... i know some html and some java. I would love to learn script if given the chance.

8:: Do you know script? (Java, C++) (If you don't, it's ok... We won't decline your application cause you don't.)

I actually took two semesters of web mastering in high school ..... if that helps any

9:: Give us general information about yourself.

I'm from Texas. I'm not a cowboy Smile .... Just a tatt'd up white boy

10:: Anything else you would like to share with us?

I have some idea's for improvement ..... if given just half a chance I think i could really make a difference

Thank you for you time and consideration
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gm application
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