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PostSubject: KooKyMuNsTeR's Moderator App   KooKyMuNsTeR's Moderator App Icon_minitime1Sun Feb 22, 2009 2:23 pm

1:: What's your IRL name? aUsTiN

2:: What's your in-game name?

3:: How many posts do you have on our forums?
(Since the forum is new, someone with only a few posts won't see his application declined.) 7 so far

4:: Do you have any experience with websites/forums? I was a Moderator on another forum for "Requiem Eternity" for about a year or 2

5:: How much time are you gonna spend on forums a day? I can spend from 4-10 hrs a day depending what im doing. but i can guarenty i can come online at least once a day

6:: Give us some general information about yourself. Well im 16, i like to dirtbike, bike, and i like to play wow

7:: Anything you would like us to know? Well I would like u to know that the reason im applying is because i found that im on the forums quite a bit but i am still able to do the GM duty in game while keeping an eye on the forums.

hope u liked my app and Thank you for reading it =]
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KooKyMuNsTeR's Moderator App
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