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 msm_17s mod app

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PostSubject: msm_17s mod app   msm_17s mod app Icon_minitime1Tue Feb 10, 2009 6:34 pm

1:: What's your IRL name? Michael Mcqueary.

2:: What's your in-game name? I mainly play on msm.

3:: How many posts do you have on our forums? This would be my third post. -_-

4:: Do you have any experience with websites/forums? Yes, i have been a admin on two different sites (not counting sites i made) , i have been a gm on four different sites and, a mod on one site. (when i have been mod on more then one but i moved up to the others so i didn't count them)

5:: How much time are you gonna spend on forums a day? I'm very active on forums.

6:: Give us some general information about yourself. I'm 17, in 12th grade going to college, i play WoW a lot. (not nearly all day but I'm usually on my computer all day on forums and WoW)

7:: Anything you would like us to know? I'm not a very active poster really... usually cause i don't have much to say. but i do my best to help. and i keep forums very clean.

oh and if you need to contact me you can by Msn

Msn: mcqumsm16@hotmail.com

And i understand that i don't have a good chance at getting this since i really haven't done anything and I'm very new.

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PostSubject: Re: msm_17s mod app   msm_17s mod app Icon_minitime1Tue Feb 10, 2009 7:18 pm

I wouldn't say you're new, and you are the only one that wanted to be mod before GM. That shows you are really interessed being a moderator on our forum. I saw you in-game and you are really nice and active. However, our forum is new and has not alot of posts in it, so you will not have alot of job.

I am glad to tell you that you are a new Global Moderator of WoWLegacy's forum. Congrats!
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msm_17s mod app
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